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Please do not scrape your tongue 1-2 days prior to your acupuncture appointment. Your tongue’s natural coating is a key diagnostic tool in determining your internal condition. Wear loose comfortable clothing that can be easily pulled to expose your elbows, knees, or abdominal area.  You will never be asked to completely disrobe for your treatment.  In the case of any exposed area, you will be conservatively draped for your comfort. Have a light meal or snack before your treatment.  It is not advisable to receive treatment on an empty stomach nor is it ideal to receive treatment after a full meal.


The first visit will consist of an initial consultation, acupuncture treatment, and a discussion of your treatment plan. Sessions are based on the severity of your condition and treatment goals.


Most people are very relaxed after an acupuncture treatment.  Although some people may experience light-headedness.  It is advisable to get up slowly from the table after the treatment and let me know of any uncomfortable symptoms you experience.

If you have received Glass Cupping, Gua Sha, or Moxabustion along with your Acupuncture treatment, it is suggested that within 24 hours you Do Not drink alcohol, eat greasy or fried foods, swim in the ocean or expose yourself to inclement weather.  Areas of petechiae or bruising may surface during treatment, depending on the severity of stagnation of qi, blood, and toxins.  However, most marks will disappear anywhere from 1-3 days for Gua Sha or 1-2 weeks for Glass Cupping.  

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